Ryan Thompson Design

Hello beautiful, I'm Ryan. The heart, soul and woman behind the lens.

I'm not your average woman and I'm certainly not an average photographer. Everything I do is curated to resonate with you and yours. From the perfect location, vibe and lighting to colouring and coordination of outfits for the whole family, this is my forte. I'm a perfectionist in the most candid and authentic possible way. and, In my mind, if we control what we can, the rest flows with ease.

A few things to know about me and why clients continue to come back to me. Firstly, when it comes to family sessions, I'm a mum. So I know what's up. I know all the tricks to get the kids engaged with you. I know what they need to be the best versions of themselves in a foreign environment with a camera around. Secondly, I've been pregnant. So, not only do I know the soft spots as a woman. I know the angles of pregnancy, I know how to gently guide you into the right poses and perfect. angles for lighting. It's what I do!

Thirdly, when it comes to the in-home newborn experience, I've been working in homes for years. I know where to find the best pockets of light, the angles and technique behind documenting the unique qualities of your family - I've seeing all. This is the opportunity to have a session n your space at your own pace. It's why what I do is honest and pure newborn photography.

Last but not least, I love knowing what I do and what I offer, makes all of you feel beautiful. It's why I have a HUGE client wardrobe full of designer gowns, delicate newborn wraps, kids clothing - the lot. It just makes everything so damn easy.

It's the complete package from start to finish and it's why you're here reading this.

You saw yourself in my work so, let's get started.

Can't wait to chat!

Ryan xx